Posted by 1 year ago. It should be noted that just because a monitor can eat something, that does not mean that it is a suitable food. The Red Ackie Monitor generally grows larger than the Yellow Ackie. Most owners find the process to be easier than they initially imagined. Top Ender Ackie Monitor… Both will need calcium and vitamin dustings, but naturally, babies and juveniles should be given them more often. All the calcium supplements and vitamins in the world won’t make up for a diet that’s lacking in vital nutrients. Living near rocky outcroppings, they will retreat into crevices and puff up their bodies to wedge themselves between the rocks when frightened. In the wild most Dumeril's primarily eat crabs but many captive Dumeril's live primarily off of mice and rats. This is a good time to get your incubator set up. hide. This thread is archived . It is important to be patient with young Ackies. The second color variation is the “Yellow Ackie” which is similar to that of the Red but instead features a golden brown base with yellow spots. If they are overweight, you’ll want to avoid treats and feed less insects. Lighting will be about 75 bucks for both fixtures and both bulbs. Many Ackie Monitors are puppy dog tame and will love spending time out of their enclosure. If one decides to use coconut coir as part of the substrate mix, for example, the result could be deadly. Ackie Monitor Diet & Feeding Key Takeaways: Ackie Monitors possess a healthy appetite and will eat just about anything, which means owners should be wise to adjust feedings and treats to avoid their pet becoming obese. While a wide variety of food will be accepted, some foods are more readily eaten than others and some are far more appropriate as food items than others. Feeding on Crickets, Dubia, Eggs, and Pinkies. ), Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python Morph Care Sheet for New Owners, Dragon Snake Care, Diet, & Habitat Advice for New Owners, How to properly set up an Ackie Monitor enclosure, Health concerns to be aware of (plus how to prevent them! After DNA analysis, it was indicated that the Red Ackie and the Yellow Ackie are in fact the same species and they are now both considered the one species again (Varanus acanthurus). When it comes to lifespan, Ackie Monitors can live on average between 15 and 20 years, making them a lifelong commitment for pet owners. However, 10 to 12 inches is a more ideal Ackie Monitor substrate depth. He is 6 months old, feeding on crickets, dubia roaches & mealworms. Just a wee video of my 4 Ackie monitors getting fed. You see, Ackie Monitors have a distinctly prehistoric look and many reptile enthusiasts are delighted to learn they share lineage with the notorious Komodo Dragon! The Red Ackie has a dark brown base colour. I take an egg, smash it up shell and all, add a dash of calcium powder/vitamins, and microwave it for about 30 seconds. - Duration: 5:45. After your lizard seems fully relaxed whenever you rub them, try to gently lift them out of the enclosure. Scheduled feeding times can be about days a week. Include a large water dish for soaking, rocks, and plants as well. Doing this will ensure they can easily pivot and turn around without feeling claustrophobic. Some will even trust you almost immediately and will need very little persuasion to come out for a handling session. Report. Don’t use dog and cat food – some people do but it is never a good idea. Location: Southend-on-Sea. They seldom display signs of aggression! All insects should be dusted with … Overhead heat is better for Ackies as they are a basking lizard. Try feeding your adult Ackie 4-5 days a week once they reach 2 years of age. This will make it easy to keep your Ackie’s temperatures where they need to be. However, these are very expensive. While dusting food is important, it should not be considered a replacement for a good varied diet. The Ackie Monitor belongs to the Varanus (Monitor) genus of Reptiles. Feeding a Dumeril's monitor means you better be comfortable feeding a variety of things, including mice, crabs, crickets, roaches, and more. The price reflects the abnormality. Try start by rubbing the lizard as opposed to handling it. Both the Yellow and Red Ackie are regarded as the same species, despite their color differences. The most important part of a healthy diet is variety. Well, for starters PVC is very affordable and insulates extremely well. Product Search: Reptile Products. Food should be dusted with the calcium/vitamin supplementation. Looking for 145 each or 270 for both. Sort by. Ackie Monitor Habitat & Tank Setup Key Takeaways: As a medium sized lizard, Ackie Monitors will need plenty of space. 30+ days ago. Once your Ackie Monitor has gotten used to your presence, you can progress to offering them food off of feeding tongs and work your way up to gently rubbing them whilst they are in their enclosure. Keep the cool side in the 70s and the enclosure squeaky clean. These lizards love to dig so you should be aiming for a deep substrate that is loosely packed. Senghenydd, Aber Valley. Spiny-tailed monitor, of average size reaches a total length of 70 cm. During this time, you may observe them locked in the mating position for extended periods at a time. Feeding . If you are not using a deep substrate in your enclosure, you will need to add a nest box in order for the female to lay her eggs. TheReptileRanch $2000. When feeding insects and moist food items there is a real risk of substrate ingestion. They are an active lizard and will need a large enclosure with plenty of space to move and climb. If you have a skittish monitor, try to build up a bit of trust first. Both will need calcium and vitamin dustings, but naturally, babies and juveniles should be given them more often. average length of 24-28 inches. These curious and friendly reptiles provide a great companion for the whole family, and have a less intimidating diet and habitat requirements than other reptiles… so long as you can find or build a large enough enclosure. After they are established and feeding well, you can upgrade them to a mini version of an adult enclosure. If they are under weight, separate the male and don’t introduce them until they are at a healthy weight for breeding. The sub-genus that Ackies belong to is called Odatria. Aside from its long length, an Ackie Monitor’s tail also showcases what are referred to as “Spinose Scales”.

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