Please check with your local retailer for specific product availability — use the map below to find a store near you. Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil 06-18-2019, 05:51 PM. Costco has brought out their seasonal gardening items with organic soils. Frustrating morning at Costco - The Whitney farms soil had a new sign just installed when they opened. They have Miracle Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix in a 55 qt bag for $8.99 and Whitney Farms Organic Planting (in-ground ) Soil for $7.99. The organic planting soil is for in ground use only. You have to purchase 2 bags for $8.99 @, then they take off $4, making the soil only $2 off each instead of the $4. A bag contains 55 qt of soil and it’s enough for an 8 sq ft area, if mixing 3″ into 6″ of native soil. We got nowhere. Make them organic by using the Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil. Specialty soil designed for raised bed gardens to grow all types of plants, including vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Grows beautiful flowers and bountiful vegetables, naturally. A mid-weight soil specially formulated for raised beds. In Stock. Rich mix of organic and natural ingredients, including kelp meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal and earthworm castings. There were a whole slew of people standing around the soil, complaining that yesterday's sign said $4 off @. Add this blend to the soil to promote healthy plant growth. ft. area mixed with 3” to 6” native soil. I haven't seen much talk about about this soil on the forum so I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought a few bags from Costco. Organic garden soil with a premium blend of organic matter and natural plant food. There are similar organic potting soils sold online : ( Scotts Growing Media Whitney Farms Organic Planting Garden Soil 10101-72101. Contact us to let us know where you’d like to find our products! Improves overall soil con Whitney Farms, 8 QT, Organic Potting Soil, Contains Kelp & Alfalfa Meal, Feeds Plants For Up To 2 Months, Naturally Occurring Microbial Activity Enhances Nutrient Availability, Made From Organic & Natural Ingredients, 100% Biodegradable, Kid & Pet Friendly. I'm over-obsessing with trying to make it as organic as i possibly can.. just basically usin the extreme sunlight were having over here that lasts very very long and watering with purified stream water. Costco has brought out their seasonal gardening items with organic soils. The bag contains 55 dry Quart planting soil that is enough to cover 8 sq. Whitney Farms Cow Manure Blend 1.5 cu. I am using whitney farms org soil on my first outdoor grow right now.. i just started usin so i'm already 5 weeks into the grow. For California, the soil is formulated from processed forest products, compost, sphagnum peat moss, poultry litter, alfalfa meal, and kelp meal. I did NOT expect a bag of garbage, but that's what I got. Contains organic compost to feed plants naturally; Add to soil in vegetable gardens and flower beds to promote healthy plant growth; Use to enhance the growth of trees, shrubs and lawns ... flower beds, lawns and landscapes.

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